Meet the Team

Cove Park Staff

Park Manager: Mike Simonsen (temporary)

Ranger Supervisor:  Matt Davey

Park Specialist:  Shawnae Stanton

Park Ranger 2’s:  Chris Rodgers, Erin Bennett and Brian Vaughan

Park Ranger 1’s:  Leif Wisdahl and George Faria

Seasonal Ranger Assistants:  Sheryl Curtis, James Bennett, John Bird, Jorge Luna….

2019 Interpretive Team

Lead Interpretive Ranger

Erin Bennett, Park Ranger II


Erin with snake

Ranger Erin is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area.  She started her parks career in 1995 with the City of Palo Alto, Open Space Department.  She has called Central Oregon home for over a decade and loves the beauty of the area.  Erin is a Certified Interpretive Guide (NAI) and a nationally certified EMT.  She really enjoys spending time with her family, camping, hiking, kayaking, ATV riding, traveling and reading.  She’s been to almost all the national parks in the US and her favorite is Zion National Park in Utah.  Her favorite food is green Chile cheese enchiladas! Her favorite quote is “One’s happiness depends less on what he knows than on what he feels.” – Liberty Hyde Bailey.  Her favorite thing to interpret is all things night; bats, owls, stars and stories.   You can reach Erin at or 541-546-3412 x 229.

Interpretive Hosts – positions open

Currently Unfilled – Crooked River Campground Interpretive Host E37

Steve and Barbara Ostlund – Deschutes Campground Interpretive Hosts B77

Kayak Hosts

April/May – Barbara and Dallas Reid – Florida
Sept/Oct – Kimella and Bryan Modrall – Oregon

One thought on “Meet the Team

  1. i just love this blog.
    it was a very bright idea and i look forward to reading about and keeping up with
    the folks and goin’s ons at the cove. thanks.

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