Winter is Here!

This weekend was COLD at The Cove!  The weather brought our first serious 5 inches of snow and a low of -21 degrees.  We hope you’re reading this post from the warmth of your home, snuggled up with a good book and hot cocoa in front of a blazing fire.

Although I froze my tail off this morning, I wanted to share a few stunning views. I was cold, but it was all good because a pair of golden eagles and a bald eagle soared overhead to keep me company!

Fun Fact:  Eagles are warm-blooded like us so they need to eat more to create energy when it is cold outside.  Eagles also stay warm in the winter by their many feathers.  Eagles have more than 7,000 feathers on their body that weigh up to a pound  — that’s 10-12% of their total body weight.  Overlapping feathers create a dense layer that protects them in extremely cold weather.  Under those large, shiny, waterproof feathers are layers of smaller, downy feathers that act like a down blanket.   When the eagle is cold, it can angle its feathers “closed” trapping the body heat inside.  They can “puff up” their feathers, which further insulates them.  An eagle’s feet don’t get too cold because they are mostly tendon.

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If  you do visit the park soon, please be careful and drive slowly, the roads are plowed but very slick.